Monday, July 24, 2006

Some Hellhound Recordings

I have some recordings from Saturday's performance with The Legendary Hellhounds. I'm not in any of these unfortunately, but I thought they were still worth posting. My dad is playing in them, and he's a very good saxophone player. The mix was aimed to satisfy what is suitable for a typical live performance. This means that the mix isn't as good on tape, nor was it really intended to sound like a studio-like mix. I fixed a few minor things in the mix, but basically I'm putting them up as-is.

Pink Cadillac

Mustang Sally

Further On Up The Road

I don't know why the bass can't be heard. I will also point out that this band doesn't do too many dance songs unfortunately. I think for what they're worth though, these songs are pretty enjoyable. Hopefully you haven't heard them a million times over like I have!

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