Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Night of Sax

My dad played tonight with The Legendary Hellhounds. It could have gone better, but it was fun for me because I got to mix the sound. My dad took over for one set, and I played saxophone in his place. My step mom took some pictures of it, so I thought I would share:

PICTURE 1 - Here's a picture of me playing one of the songs. I don't remember what it was, but I remember that I enjoyed it.

PICTURE 2 - Here's a picture of several of the band members. My dad and the actual drummer are not in this. The drummer in the picture is a guy who took over for one song.

PICTURE 3 - I'm blowing a saxophone solo in this picture. I was really getting into it. The crowd really liked it too. There was cheering and clapping which always makes playing music exciting and more fun.

PICTURE 4 - This is another picture of me playing. I think this might have been taken on a song where I didn't really know what to play to it. Most of the songs were never done originally with saxophone, so I have to make up a part. I'm usually pretty good at that, but once in a while there will be a song I have to think about.

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