Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Tornado That Ruined My Fun

My step mom called me today to see if I wanted to play music. My dad was going to this event in Middletown where a band was going to be playing music outside. My dad was going to play with them and wanted me to come along if I was interested. I agreed to it because I thought it would be nice to get out and play for a change. I got ready and told my grandmother I would be leaving around 5:30. By the time I got a shower and fixed myself up really nice, she had dinner ready.

After all this, my step mom calls back and says a tornado came through Middletown. It upset the tent, threw the lawn chairs all over the place, snapped the 2-by-4s, and basically created a mess. It was obviously cancelled. There was nothing they were going to be able to do to fix things just 20 minutes before they were about to setup.

I'm currently dressed up nice still. It's a shame though. I do actually like dressing up as silly as that might sound to some people. A good friend of mine from high school used to call me a "biker-prep"! But anyway, I figured since I'm dressed, I might as well show a photo of myself. It's the kind of photo I'd send my girlfriend.

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PorpoiseMuffins said...

Sorry to hear it. Glad we don't get tornados up here much.

Nice pic, there :D