Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Seeing Double?

I am providing some comparison screen shots. It shows how the data and screens actually compare between Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and ProSonic. I have a couple of modified versions of Sonic 2 that I use during testing. The debug counters represent different variables in each picture.

SNAPSHOT 1 - This shows the X and Y player positions. In the ProSonic window, the outlined area on the left shows the standard positions. The outlined area on the right shows the finer position values (256ths). They match perfectly.

SNAPSHOT 2 - You can see the player X and Y velocity values in purple. The player speed is in cyan, and the slope of the floor is in red. All values match perfectly.

This test was performed by having the player run to the right, pausing both Gens and ProSonic at the same point. The values match up at each and every frame. This demonstrates how accurate the algorithms are that I use. I am proud to say that it is more accurate today than it was yesterday. The next challenge is to add horizontal collision. That will fix a few remaining problems and give it even more of a Sonic authentic feel.

Once I get all the collision and movement complete, the final step would be to add block collision swapping. That would involve modifying block collision data as the player passes through certain points. This is an important part to making loop-de-loops work.


Dave said...

Nice, keep up the good work. Your engine is going to revolutionize sonic games.

Anonymous said...

Another big hit. You're the man!

OrdosAlpha said...

Kudos, Sax.

Striker said...

Very Saxy!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Sax. =)

OrdosAlpha said...

Happy Birthday, Saxman!

Damian said...

Thanks =) I'm 22 years old today. Scarey thing for those who don't realize it yet... time goes faster with each passing year. I forgot I even had a birthday until last night. I was like "wait... it's the 26th?? Tomorrow's my birthday!!"

witeoutking said...

Aw damn, I wanted to say Happy Birthday first >_>

Well, Happy Birthday! =P

WiteoutKing said...

Not to completely break the mood, but I have two questions regarding the level "order" setup in ProSonic:

1. Can the level order be non-linear? (alternatively: can it be programmed to do so?) What I mean by this is the ability to go to more than one place from a single level. A branching path, basically.

2. Can the level order be non-directional? (alternatively: can it be programmed to do so?) What I mean by this is the ability to return to previous areas (similar to how Wonder Boy in Monster World works). This would also rely on 1. being possible.

Damian said...

The level order works in the way it does in the original games. It has this type of format:

zone/act -> zone/act

It says after such and such level, go to this other level. It doesn't have to come in order by number or even act.

What this means is I can have both Zone A and Zone B point to Zone C. So after I finish Zone A, it'll take me to Zone C. Likewise after I finish Zone B, it takes me to Zone C also. I'm not sure if that's what you mean or not. If you want Zone A to take you to either Zone B or Zone C depending on conditions, that will have to be scripted. Each level will have a script file that will be read constantly as the level runs. There will be script for during the level, the startup of the level (a run-once sort of thing), and script for the end of the level (another run-once thing). The script at the end of the level would be what you'd use to control what level the player goes to under whatever conditions you want to set for that to be decided.

Anonymous said...

Super SAAAXXX!!!!
You're the MAN!!