Thursday, April 20, 2006

New Study

Here's something different for a change. Check out this article by,2933,192435,00.html.

Apparently, a better economy yeilds more heart attacks. It kind of seems silly at first, but the reason they state makes perfect sense. I find it really intersting because I would have never guessed this connection would have ever existed. I think it's worth a read!

On another note, ProSonic is still moving along, and I am still working on my cover of "Jump". I'm just balancing my hobbies more. I am devoting a little bit to everything. I will have some more news on ProSonic though, but things are just moving at a slower pace right now.

I also have Macromedia Flash now and am trying to learn it little by little. So maybe when I know enough, I can put out a movie for all my readers to watch. I like to entertain people, and perhaps I can do that with Flash. It'll be something I've never tried before. I'm up to the challenge!

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