Monday, April 03, 2006

A New Post! Yay!

First I must mention some changes to my proposed YM2612 plans for the ProSonic engine. Instead of 12 FM channels, I'm now going to support 16 (adding 2 to each emulated chip). This should work nicely for anyone who wants to produce Genesis-sounding music that has plenty of room to do what most people really want. I decided to write my own YM2612 emulation code. So far I've entered some values into some arrays in the code, but nothing too major. I'm hard-coding some of the calculations that will be involved in order to keep the code fast.

My day today has been pretty swell so far. I had economics, my favorite class. I had Java, and my teacher was back after being out for a week due to surgery. I got out of that class early, meaning I have an extended lunch break (woohoo!). I will be headed to work in about 15 minutes from the very moment that I am writing this. I'll get to take pictures of parts using my camera, and those pictures will go on eBay. They figured it would be a good idea to put some of the parts on the net so they could increase their revenue.

I'm still listening to "Workbench Workout" from my "Sonic Boom" CD. Gosh that is such a great song. I never understood why most people preferred the Japan/Europe Sonic CD music over the American version. The American has more of the pop/rock/r&b edge to it that fills my soul (no pun intended). I can't figure out why anyone would put the Japanese dance music over the American pop music.

Oh and I think grey is a nifty color! Okay, late April Fools... yeah that was lame, but I didn't play a joke this year and figured I'd say something stupid to make up for it. Don't everyone get excited at once.

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Audrey said...

Puting some stuff on Ebay is a good idea. You never know who will want something until you put it up.