Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Truck From Hell

Okay, last night my brother called me at home. He said asked me if I could come and get him. I asked why, and we said he was broke down. So I got my wallet and keys and came after him. I got there, and a good friend of ours was behind him and said he'd give him a push to get him out of the road. Donny (our friend) looked at the truck and figured it must be locked. Everytime my brother would try to start it, it would hit hard and wouldn't turn over. So he checked the oil and found none.

I went to the Sheetz store and got three quarts of 10W40 oil and some gas in the gas can. I brought it to my brother and they filled the truck. They tried and tried to get the truck started and it wouldn't budge. He called our dad, and he was pretty mad. My dad got there and looked at it. He said "looks like you blew her up again". Then he said "there's not much else you can do, call a tow truck". My dad didn't stick around and simply went back home.

See, my brother had this problem before from not getting oil in it. It wasn't too long ago actually, and he had to pay a lot of money to fix the transmission. So it looks like he's got the same problem again possibly.

He finally got hold of someone who could tow the truck. My brother stupidly had an idea of simply coasting it down the road to the house (since it is about a quarter mile). He didn't do it because Donny told him not to, but I thought "duh, if you don't make it, you're going to be stuck again, but this time there won't be any room on the side of the road to get out of the road". My brother isn't bright as my dad and I both know. I love my brother, but he's 30 years old. It's time he grew up!

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