Friday, April 28, 2006

SatAM Game

After playing the Love Hina flash game, I decided it would be a really neat idea to create a game like this, but with Sonic SatAM characters. I would likely have some humor and seriousness mixed into it. Like all RPG games, you would have battles which would increase your experience. You would be able to help the freedom fighters out by going to Robotropolis and fighting your way on missions to score experience. You could attract Sally and Bunny for sure, but I'll have to try and come up with some others to make the game have more possibilities. I don't know that Lupe would fit in, but we'll see. You could also make the girls really angry at you if you wanted.

The game would take advantage of the music material created for DiC while the show was in development. I don't know if I'd borrow art from the show or not, but I would definitely have new art made for the game. I think this would be something that FUS people would like to help out with. Of course I would have to work through the lazy people to get to the ones who are serious about helping. I'm not sure how I would ask them to help out if I decided to be open to getting FUSers active.

The fun of making a game like this is having many possibilities. It makes people want to go back and play again. I'm intersted in hearing what anyone thinks of this.

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