Monday, May 01, 2006

Change Haulted

My dad was going to sell his business to this guy named Bill. When he first told me back in December, I was a little shocked. I got used to Bill being in there though. My dad had him in there to get used to things first, and then they would talk about the transition afterwards.

Saturday was Bill's last day. After getting used to it, I was shocked all over again. I didn't know until he already left. Apparently my dad's business wasn't what Bill thought it was going to be like. Bill came from Grove's Winchester Harley-Davidson, and when he decided he wanted to run my dad's business, he figured it'd be pretty similar. He realized after about the first month that the transition wasn't going to work out. My dad knew it too, but my dad doesn't always say what he knows sometimes (he's smart!). So now my dad's plans to retire have changed temporarily. He has to keep working and find someone else who might take the business. It sucks because I wanted to see my dad move on to do what he wanted to do.

On some notes about that SatAM game I mentioned before, I should mention that it doesn't mean ProSonic will be discontinued. ProSonic is still on the agenda, and always will be. Also, the SatAM game will likely be done in C. I thought about doing it in Flash, but I decided I should stick with what I'm good at -- C. The game will likely run in 640x480 in 16-bit color. It will use the unused SatAM music, and it might also include a couple new tunes that I will compose. Sonic will definitely be playable, but I don't know if I'll have some others playable or not. I personally don't want to, but some people have requested it, so I'm putting it into possible consideration.

My new computer doesn't have any of the Visual Studio software installed yet, so I will first need to find my discs. I have DJGPP, but unlike my ProSonic engine, I want to ignore DOS compatibility here. I may very well release the source code to this game when it's finished also, so others will be able to modify the game, or make their own RPG game from it. I'm very excited about the game, and I hope I can find the support for it I'm seeking.

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