Friday, May 05, 2006

Apple Blossom Is Here

It's that time of year again. I hate Apple Blossom. I know a good majority of my readers have no clue what Apple Blossom is, so I'll tell you what it is. We are the largest apple growers in the area, which some know as "Apple Capital". We're rich in apple orchards for the most part. So for 79 years, we've been celebrating what is called the Shenadoah Apple Blossom festival. People from all over come here to see the parade and such. Even celebrities make their way here each year. Last year, over 300,000 people came to Winchester.

It sounds like something I should be proud of, right? I'm sorry, but there's too many people! I don't care about the pride, just make the people go home! Streets close so they can have their parade, there's a lot of traffic in this small town, and I simply have no interest in it. I've seen it my whole life, it's just the same boring stuff every year. They had the fireman's parade today, and tomorrow is the big one. The only interesting part about it is all the Harley-Davidson bikes leading the parade. There's litterally thousands of motorcycles that start it off. It's really loud and exciting! After that, it's just the usual parade stuff.

Even worse, while most businesses are closed tomorrow, my dad wants to be open. So I have to drive in this crowded town to get to work, likely have few (if any) customers, and then drive through the dense crowd again to go back home. I live in a small town for a reason, and this defeats the reason every year!

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