Thursday, May 18, 2006

SatAM Game Status Unknown For The Moment

I have no details to bring my readers on the SatAM game being developed at the moment. I am pretty confident that I'll have some more information very soon. I'm not planning to rush the project by any means.

I have also decided not to go along with the comic idea I had. I would love to do it, but the more projects I have on my shoulders, the more I have to tackle at once. So I have decided against the comic. That doesn't mean it won't happen in the future, but right now I think I need to just have the door open to ProSonic and the SatAM game.

I'd also like to take a poll on something. My question is "what platform (besides DOS and Windows) are you most interested in seeing ProSonic ported to?"
A - Linux / UNIX
B - Mac
C - Sega Dreamcast
D - Nintendo DS
E - Other

You can submit your response by writing a comment to this. I will also be posting the poll on forums. I will collect the results and post them on my blog the next time I update.


fuzzymoochicken said...

I'd say Mac would be the best bet out of those choices.

Next would be Linux/UNIX... however, typically, I notice that even the biggest, most Microsoft-bashing-est of geeks will still have a Windows partition on some machine somewhere. So, it may not be totally necessary... but it'd be great anyways.

Dreamcast, you don't even have to do the work on, I'm sure. There are people in the DC Development scene just DYING for a new project like this... hand it to them and they'll probably do it for you. I'm guessing the same goes for DS, too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, I've sent you a Private message on smspower forum, please read it.

About the porting, without any doubt Dreamcast would be the best choice.

Because playing on a real Console without a computer-hardware dependance would mean perfect game and speed for anyone.

Striker said...

I would have to go with mac, as a mac user there are almost no sonic utilities or projects. If you have it on mac it should not be hard to port to any other UNIX based system.

Anonymous said...

No offence, but I don't really use anything other than Windows =P Out of those options though... DS sounds interesting, could come in handy, oh yes indeed.

Techokami said...

I'd say Linux/UNIX, basically for the same reason striker said, only backwards XD

And unlike what fuzzymoochicken said, I do not have a Windoze partition on my Linux computer.