Thursday, May 25, 2006

ProSonic Color Poll

For a long time now, I've been trying to decide between 8-bit and 16-bit color. ProSonic currently uses 8-bit color (that's 256 colors, 4 times that of the Sega Genesis). I've been considering the use of 16-bit color though (that's 32,768 colors, the same amount used by the Sega 32X and Sega Saturn). If I use 16-bit, performance will likely suffer, but the environment would be even more colorful. If I use 8-bit, there won't be as many colors to use in a level, but performance would get a big boost. Right now ProSonic runs at a full 60 frames per/second on a 400MHz Pentium II machine in single player mode. That might not be the case in the future as I add features such as 3D objects.

My question is what would you rather sacrifice? You can answer this poll by submitting a reply to this post (link below).
A - Sacrifice performance for more colors (16-bit color)
B - Sacrifice colors for more performance (8-bit color)

The responses I get won't be the determining factor, but it could influence my decision if people feel strongly one way or the other.


Anonymous said...

I'm going for the A choice.
Having more colors it could really avoid a lot of dithering work and limits on sprites.

Striker said...

I have to go with A. The more colors would open up alot more doors.