Sunday, May 07, 2006

Project Updates

ProSonic still has not successfully been ported to Windows. I'm still working on this and will present new updates as they happen. A Windows port was a little harder than I anticipated. Once I get it ported, I will work more on fixing some errors in the physics. Although my engine is based on the algorithms used in the original games, there are still a few minor problems. It needs to be perfect so my engine will play levels exactly as they could be played in the original games.

Not much has been done to the SatAM game I'm working on. Again, I am going to hold off on most of the work until I get some art. I have offered an opportunity for people at FUS to submit artwork of arrows. Clicking on arrows will be the way to move around in the game. I did an arrow of my own, but I think other people could do it better than I can.

On top of those two, I have a new project idea. This project would be small so that it doesn't take away the time required to complete the other two. I would like to do a comic strip series. I used to draw comic strips all through middle school and high school. I always made people laugh with them, so I figure it'd be a neat idea to have a series that would be available online. I'd do a new comic every once in a while. Here is my proposed idea. I'd like to know what everyone thinks.


Audrey said...

LOL I like the comic. Funny stuff. Anyway, I am rally letting you know that if I don't call its not because I don't care...its because I am going through some shit right now and need some time to see what works for me in the way of being calm.

Anonymous said...

It's been 7 years I was trying to figure a way to match the original gameplay. But my non ASM knowledge cut me out.
I am really looking for your Sonic C++ game engine, based on original's algoritms.
As I too belive hacking has too many bonds for creativity.

Please let us know any further updated.