Friday, May 26, 2006

ProSonic Poll Results, Updates

Responses here, at SFGHQ, and OCR combined, 21 responses were collected total. OCR tended to be more for 8-bit color, while the rest were mostly 16-bit color. With a 21.8% margin-of-error, Two-thirds (66.7%) said they would prefer more color over better performance. Just one-third (33.3%) said they put performance first. Because this poll was not done scientifically, the confidence rating is not as high as it would be if the poll was done scientifically.

In other news, I have started porting the ProSonic editing utilities to Windows. Only one has been ported so far, and that is the object layout editor. It works exactly like the DOS version. The other utilities should be easy to port. I have thought about possibly releasing these editing tools to the public so levels could be prepared for games when the engine is made public. On the other hand, nobody would be able to test their levels until the engine was released anyhow, so I don't know what benefits would really be served by doing this.

Also, if you have a Sonic the Hedgehog website and would like to link people to my blog for ProSonic updates, you can use one of these images:

I would prefer if you copied the images on your own server rather than using the link sources above. The idea is to spread awareness of the engine. Most people are still uneducated about it and don't understand what benefits it serves over other Sonic engines. I've been posting a lot more on ProSonic lately to try and do something about that problem. I also want to make sure people realize I still have every intention on finishing it.

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