Friday, May 12, 2006

Some Of My Favorite Music Videos

I'm always the last person to follow a popular trend. Everyone started getting blogs, and I didn't get one until a couple months ago. Everyone had fast computers, but I only got a new one just recently. Everyone goes to, and I only started paying attention to it recently.

I was really surprised at the content available on YouTube. I thought since I'm a music guy, I would share a couple music videos from some of my favorite bands:

"Jump" - Van Halen
This is the song that got me into Van Halen in the first place. I like some of their harder stuff too, but this is pretty much a well rounded "fun" video. I felt it fit my personality well, and since this is my blog, I am posting it.

"Heart and Soul" - Huey Lewis & The News
I'm an HLN fan, I'll admit. I like lots of songs they do. This song is from their hugely successful "Sports" album. It is sort of a pop-rock song (literally -- it crosses the two). It's actually a cover of a disco song, but it never became popular and well-known until Huey did it. Perhaps the highlight of this video is when Chris Hayes, the lead guitarist, dances with a girl while resting his head on her breasts.

"Who's Your Daddy" - Toby Keith
Toby rocks, plain and simple! This is a great song from him. I used to listen to it over and over. This is one of his best songs in my opinion. The video is kind of funny at the end. It looked like Toby was ready to go after the guy!

I know most people don't listen to some of the music I do, so maybe it'll be something different for people to experience. Have fun!

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