Sunday, May 14, 2006

Windows 93

One thing I've often thought about was Windows 93. I remember, way back before I had a computer and before Windows 95 was even released, my friend had a computer with Windows 93 on it. I remember the splash screen, showing the clouds in the background and saying "Windows 93" on the screen. It looked basically identical to the spash screen used in Windows 95. I'm sure I'm not crazy either because when my dad bought our very first computer it had Windows 95 on it, and my friend was over while he was setting it up. My friend said "oh you have Windows 95, I have Windows 93".

I recently decided to do research and figure out what this Windows 93 was all about. I have searched all over the internet, and the only thing I can figure is that Windows 93 was a very early version of Windows 95. But something doesn't seem to fit that picture. I've seen references to Windows 93 as if it was actually officially released or something. It also strikes me odd that almost nobody has even heard of it.

Another thing I was thinking about today was the shut down. I remember on my first computer (which had Windows 95 as I mentioned before), when I would restart Windows, any windows I had opened previously would still be opened when Windows started up again. I have never seen this on Windows 98 and above. Was this a feature that was taken out, or is there a setting somewhere that I'm unaware of? This is something I have never been able to find any information on. It's driving me nuts, because I am thinking I might like to enable it if it still exists in Windows XP.

On another subject really quick, today is Mother's Day. Me and my mom don't get along all the time. I think she has the impression I don't care. If you truly care about your mom, go and tell her that. Don't let her just assume it, actually prove it to her. Today is her day, so make it special. As for me, I haven't been able to do much that I think is special for her, mainly because I feel weird about it. But I talked to her on the phone today and told her I was glad she liked the gift she got.


Anonymous said...

ask someone about 'windows 3.1'

PorpoiseMuffins said...

Yeah, I've never heard of Windows 93. I did have Windows 3.1, though.

fuzzymoochicken said...

I remember it too... My uncle had "Windows 93" on one of his computers as well. It's the same as you describe, a normal 95 splash with 93 instead. That was the only difference I noticed, too... I think possibly my cousin played C&C on it too.

How strange... I'd assumed all this time he had just changed the name himself, as a joke.

Damian said...

Paul Thurott of Windows SuperSite has informed me there was never such a name for any Windows operating system. Now I had heard that it was the original name for Windows 95 (making me wonder if my friend has a very early version of Windows 95), but according to Paul, that's not true at all. He suggested it was probably just a user edit of the splash screen. That makes me wonder how my friend got that in the first place (since he honestly thought it was "Windows 93"). But with what Fuzzy said there, I'm apparently not crazy.