Monday, March 06, 2006

I'm All Shook Up

Go Elvis! w00t! I downloaded "All Shook Up" today, and I really got into it. I like that old rock & roll like that. You can hear the piano doing that old school doo-wop scale, and the rhythm of the song is actually something you can dance to. That is unlike today's rock music which is extremely plain and has no groove to it at all. Rock & roll really is dead my friends, and it's a shame. If the king were still around, he would be crying over it.

Oh, and I talked to my friend Royce today. I've known him for years, and he's always been a super good guy. He has a Sonic site that he's been trying to get some attention and get people to submit stuff to. I've been there before, and it's not a bad site. It feels a bit empty though because people aren't really helping him with content. Submit stuff to him damnit! The site is located at -- be supportive of this good man.

An old enemy of mine came back from the unknown, and he annoyed me today with more of the same crap as before. This guy used to get on AIM and harrass constantly. When I went to certain forums, he was there posting stuff with the purpose of annoying me. He never said anything hurtful, just did everything he could to be annoying. It got so bad that people who didn't understand what he was doing were saying I didn't know how to take a joke! I joke all the time, and I laugh at myself a lot, but this guy was a trip. So he came back today to annoy me after he's been gone for probably a year. Here's what we said:

[22:05] KKnucklesKiller: Hey Saxman, how's the cactus business going?
[22:07] ymtx81z: Hi
[22:07] ymtx81z: Pardon?
[22:07] KKnucklesKiller: The Cactus business.
[22:07] ymtx81z: I don't know, I haven't sold any lately
[22:07] KKnucklesKiller: Do you have a Cactus COCK?
[22:08] KKnucklesKiller: I have something to tell you.
[22:08] KKnucklesKiller: My penis, it becomes enormous when I talk to you.
[22:08] KKnucklesKiller: I can feel it growing and throbbing inside my pants.
[22:08] KKnucklesKiller: I never before this even knew I had a penis.
[22:09] KKnucklesKiller: These sensations you give me...
[22:09] KKnucklesKiller: they are incredible.
[22:09] ymtx81z: Why did you suddenly start talking to me again, other than your penis?
[22:09] KKnucklesKiller: Because my COCK is broken. Can you point me in the direction of the nearest COCK repair shop?
[22:10] ymtx81z: I have a life that I'm happy with, and you should get one of your own instead of wasting your time talking to me.
[22:10] KKnucklesKiller: That's a shame. I find you a very fascinating individual.
[22:11] KKnucklesKiller: I find that you achieve the status of being "Hip", almost solely by exagerrated levels of being "Square" in a quirky manner.
[22:13] KKnucklesKiller: What do you think of me?
[22:14] ymtx81z: I don't like you, about like nobody else does
[22:14] KKnucklesKiller: That's a shame.
[22:14] KKnucklesKiller: Why don't you like me? Is my COCK not big enough?
[22:15] KKnucklesKiller: Who do you think I am?
[22:15] ymtx81z: Seriously, I'm curious why after all this time, you suddenly began talking to be again.
[22:17] KKnucklesKiller: Why, who do you think I am?
[22:17] ymtx81z: I don't need to guess who you are, you know I know
[22:18] KKnucklesKiller: But if I know you know I know you know, who knows I know you know I know he knows where his BIG PENIS went to?
[22:20] KKnucklesKiller: Please unblock dust hill guy, he would like to have a word with you.
[22:21] ymtx81z: If he wants a word, he can type something on one of the message boards he isn't banned from
[22:21] KKnucklesKiller: What message boards are those?
[22:21] ymtx81z: Not a clue
[22:21] KKnucklesKiller: Which ones do you go to that he may go to?
[22:21] ymtx81z: None
[22:22] KKnucklesKiller: Well, that was a pretty meaningless statement then.
[22:22] KKnucklesKiller: Almost like saying MY COCK IS ON FIRE AAAHGRH
[22:22] KKnucklesKiller: Seriously.
[22:22] KKnucklesKiller: He would like a word with you, or perhaps several.
[22:23] ymtx81z: Why?
[22:24] KKnucklesKiller: Please unblock dust hill guy. He is a noble man. You can save him the trouble of registerring an alt account.
[22:24] KKnucklesKiller: he says he has some apologies to make, and a score to settle.
[22:24] ymtx81z: Appology accepted, now tell him to go away
[22:25] KKnucklesKiller: He says that won't do.
[22:26] ymtx81z: If he wants to talk, he can talk through YOU
[22:27] KKnucklesKiller: He says he wants to ask about Sonic HAcking
[22:27] ymtx81z: I don't do that anymore

This isn't anything like the past stuff we've said. He's funny I'll admit, but his act is intended to be a burden to me which isn't funny. Shouldn't people like this be shipped to the sun or something?

Oh, and me and Audrey had some fun online. She as you may know is really close and by far a sweet and wonderful person. I think about her everyday. But today, she said something that made my level of fun drop out of the sky for a minute or two. I was just stunned over it! I won't tell you about it because I like to keep some things to myself, but I asked her about it. But when she reads this (and she will), she should know that it's not as big of a deal as I made it. It just wasn't comfortable hearing that. But nothing has changed, and I hope we can have fun again!


Audrey said...

I am sorry. I did not mean to say that in a bad way..I just..we need more time to get great at you said.

dust hill guy said...

This is maybe bit long, but I hope you'll read it all.

Damian, I'm sorry for annoying you so much. I am really sorry; I hope you will forgive me one day, but I'd understand if you won't.

That person who came on AIM to harass you there was in fact Wetflame. I asked him to ask you if you'd unblock me for a moment so I could explain what was going on, but unfortunately you didn't want to talk to me.

I see you're doing quite well here, and you've got some projects going nicely... that's good to see. Maybe one day we can talk on AIM again and be aquaintances once more?
I'm not as annoying as I used to be. I tell you.

I admit now, my cactus jokes were kind of silly, and looking back now, I understand entirely how they would wear thin on you. At the time I thought "hey, Saxman just needs to lighten up a bit" since I wasn't looking at the whole story of things. I was wrong there.

Hope you're doing well.

If you don't mind me contacting you, my AIM is still "dusthillguy" as usual.

Patrick/dust hill guy

PS. I've been listening to your song "Live it up", and I like it. I was thinking of making a "FACKIN' BEAT MIX" version of it, if that's OK with you. Let me know what you think.