Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Project Build Unleashed

After teasing readers for a while, I've decided to release two pictures of what is actually going on. So check out the following:

Project Build is the codename I've been giving my Sonic the Hedgehog enhanced replicated game engine. It uses the same algorithms that make up the original Sonic games. You don't do Sonic ROM hacking for more than 6 years and not learn how things work. Since I'm a math-oriented person, it only made sense for me to put my knowledge to use.

There are several utilities that allow people to design levels from scratch, design tiles, and modify properties in levels. A script format is being worked on to allow people to code their own objects without having to change the code in the engine itself. Sonic 2 levels are backwards compatible with this engine as shown in the pictures, and there's even a utility to import them (which is what I used). The engine will not be limited to what the original Sonic games offer though. My engine will be advanced and 100% open source when it is complete. Anything the original Sonic games could do, this engine will allow you to do. The engine is written in pure C to make it fast and portable, but may include assembly code versions of some of the code for x86 platform builds.

There is already a game being developed using this engine, but I cannot talk about that at this time. Only after this game is completed and released will my engine be available to the public.


Godmaster said...


This can beat the Sonic 360 engines too? Looks interesting!
Release a demo soon!

See ya

WiteoutKing said...

Wow, this is amazing! o_o