Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Stuff That's Happenin'

I'm trying to figure out what to do with Sonic QX. I created this program 2 years ago and it has basically been sitting, collecting dust. In case you don't know, Sonic QX is the only music editor available for the original Sonic games. I'm thinking of releasing it in an editable form so people can modify it, or at least see how it does certain things. I still want to write a C version of Sonic QX, but right now my time is focused on the ProSonic game engine I'm writing.

Oh, has anyone seen the show "How I Met Your Mother"? I've got to say that it is the funniest show I've seen in years! When I first saw it when it was first put out on TV, I thought "aw man, this is a really sappy and unrealistic love story", but I've grown attached to the show now. It has a bit of drama and love obviously, but it's absolutely hilarious! It really fits my style. Barney and Marshall really make this show a blast. It comes on CBS on Mondays at 8:30pm EST if anyone is interested.

My dad is finally putting the pressure on me to go to a 4-year school. He's getting tired of waiting for me to get a degree at Lord Fairfax Community College. He says it's a waste of time for me to continue going to school and never actually get anywhere. He told me a person can only learn so much in school, and that there's lots more to learn out in the real world. So basically he wants to pick me up and throw me in the water as if I new to swimming. You either swim, or you drown. So now the pressure is on me to make up my mind within a year where I want to go next. I don't like this one bit, and he wants me to go to a school that's not local. I've got a lot to think about now, and that increases my stress. I hate it.

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Audrey said...

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