Thursday, March 02, 2006

Stuff Going Through My Mind

I failed another quiz in math today. I'm not doing well in that class at all, and we're close to half-way done with this semester. I'm beginning to become very worried about the outcome and my GPA. I'm supposed to be really good at math, but evidently I just haven't been too lucky this semester. Too many new fomulas to remember at once!

I was very happy to have gotten an assignment in yesterday for my Java programming class. This assignment is several weeks late. My teacher gave me an extension on it, but I felt I had taken advantage of that long enough and stayed several hours after school to make sure I got it done. I still have two more to do (they're not late 'yet'). Hopefully I can get them in this week. Anything less than an A in this class is unacceptable because in all my programming classes thus far, I've gotten nothing less than an A. I know I can do it!

I worked a half-hour extra after work today. I figured that it's extra money, and I have every intention on collecting as much as I can. What I'd like to do is get a good amount of money to put into a CD or some other account that will grow. I'd also like to invest in some stocks once I get more money. I don't know why, but I've been in a money-making mood lately, and I know I have the knowledge and capability to grow more of it. The key is hard work, and Google Adsense is no exception -- I've made $3.70 since I started this blog! Thanks to all those who have been supportive. I want to make sure I make this blog worth everyone's time.

Project Build is back on track, and I'm working on a utility for my partner who's in on it too. This utility will help her do what she needs to do with greater ease. As the old saying goes "keep it simple stupid"... so hopefully this tool will make things more simple. It's also good to be working with her because if she has trouble doing what she was doing, then that makes me think others would have trouble with the same thing too. So in a way, she's also my tester!

And finally, on a more fun note, I have got to say that I'm happy to have heard Huey Lewis on radio for 3 or 4 times this week! Everyone knows I'm a fan, and what's better than hearing your favorite artist on radio, particularly when that artist is generally unknown to anyone your own age and younger?! Fun music... "yes it's true; I am happy to be stuck with you"! Good stuff to drive home with on a day of hard work.

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