Saturday, March 18, 2006

New Project Build Screen Shots

I have taken some more screen shots of Project Build, which for now on I will refer to as "ProSonic" since "Project Build" was only a codename I gave it while it was a secret project.

With ProSonic, you can create your own objects for your Sonic game. Here, a beach ball has been created. When the player jumped on it, he is bounced up. Falling on it at a certain height will make it burst.

This is the collision editor. It shows you the current block you're working with, and allows you to modify the solidity. It also shows you both the solidity and the block in the center of the screen so you can see where the pixels line up at.

"Block-It" allows you to modify any of the 256 tiles in any level. You can change the plane of each block, and you can apply attributes like draw flipped, draw mirrored, platform, barrier, and so on.

The object editor allows you to place objects in a level, as well as delete object. It makes use of the mouse, and the keyboard can help navigate in even intervals to make sure that objects are lined up nicely.

"EzTile" allows you to import a 256-color PCX file into your level as a fully constructed tile. The only thing it won't do is apply attributes for the blocks, but that's what "Block-It" is for.

"LIMP" is a Sonic 2 level importer. It imports the art, tiles, attributes, solidity, and object layout (rings only). Sonic 3 will be supported eventually, and there may be a possibility of supporting other Sonic games too.

This is an early version of the scripting language known as "SAXY". It will eventually look much more like C than it currently does. Everything in that script file works. When SAXY is redone, it will also be more readable and easier to understand. And if that wasn't enough, the event editor program will eliminate the need to learn the scripting language.


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Piiiiiiiiiimp. ;P

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Very interesting Saxman, I'll be sure to keep my eye on this. Once you have a release I'll be sure to cover it at

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It's a hoax. There's no such programs. He's photoshopped em.