Thursday, March 30, 2006

ProSonic YM2612

After a long while of pondering, I have decided to allow the ProSonic engine to support YM2612 emulation. It already supports OGG and MIDI files, but the addition of YM2612 emulation will add to the flexibility that people will have when they use the engine to create their Sonic games. Essentially what emulating the YM2612 chip means is people can reproduce the music and sounds used in the original games if they wish. In fact, I'm thinking of possibly expanding onto it to allow '2' YM2612 chips to be emulated (allowing people to have 10-12 FM channels, and 1 or 2 DAC channels if they choose). What this means is I'll probably have to emulate the PSG also in order to keep compatibility friendly. I might as well add support for the PWM also.

Likely, the end result will be that people will be able to import music form the original games into ProSonic. I was leaning against supporting Genesis/32X sound emulation, but I have changed my mind in order to make my engine even more unique. This will cut down on file sizes too. People will still be able to use OGG and MIDI files along side the Genesis/32X sound emulation.

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