Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Wondering Feeling, Wonderful Day

I love this day. I got a good bit to write, so here it goes:

I finally am learning something easy in math! I'm usually not as excited about easy stuff, but because of how poorly I've been performing in math this semester, anything easy is a blessing. I also found out today that the math test I took last week got a passing grade. It was a 76% which is a C. Not great, but not terrible either.

I also had my stress management class today. Now again, I'm only taking it for the credit. I will say I have learned a good bit from it. Today she told us to close our eyes and put both arms straight out in front of us. She was telling us to picture on our right arm, a balloon filled with helium that was rising up and up in to the air. Then she said that on our left arm was a 50 pound weight hanging from it. She told us to open our eyes. I realized my left arm was lower than my right arm! We all looked around the room to see it was the same for everyone else. She said the body reacts to thoughts and words, and this was proof. Then she said since this was the case, this could be a tool for relieving stress. If my arm was sore, I could concentrate the technique to make my arm not feel as sore anymore.

Also in stress management class, we went outside and flew kites we made! Mine flew... sort of. Actually the wind picked it up slightly, but it pretty much just spun itself around in the air. It was still fun nonetheless, and it was certainly a beautiful day out for it. I felt really good when I came back inside. It was so refreshing. I felt like the kid in me got out for a change.

Also today, I worked on Project Build, and I made some fantastic progress. I fixed some major problems that I couldn't figure out about a month or two ago. It was a huge improvement by far. My partner is also supposed to deliver something to me that I can use in the next thing I wish to add to the project which will make things a little more visually attractive. I'm excited about it.

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