Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Some Stuff To Say

Today has been boring!! I have done absolutely nothing useful today at all. You might as well call this day completely pointless. So instead of talking about how boring it was, I'm going to instead talk about a couple of other things.

First, I finally have an FAQ on my ProSonic game engine. If you still don't understand what it is or have some various questions about it, I've got 9 questions I've answered in the FAQ. You can read it here. And don't forget I have screen shots and other information in the articles below, so read them if you haven't already.

Also, I am happy to advertise some work my good friend QJimbo did. He did some reporting on the possibility that Michael Jackson did music for Sonic 3. I'm not sure exactly how true this is, but it's a nice theory and worth looking into. You can view his reporting here. It's quite interesting.

Finally, I have been doing palming today to help me aid my vision improvement, and I have to say that it does just what they say it will. Of course, I've still gotta try and wear my glasses less and do palming more often than I have been. I'm very excited about improving my vision. I am hoping within a month, I can notice some sort of difference. We shall soon see (no pun intended).

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