Friday, March 10, 2006

Music, Reading, and Money

My dad bought a really thick physics book for me. I was having a problem figuring out a particular formula about a month ago, and someone helped me with it which I am grateful for. However, as I continue to design parts on the CNC mill, I'm going to have more problems to figure out. I'm usually pretty good at figuring math out, but when in doubt, I can now refer to this handy-dandy book. It's loaded with math material -- very exciting stuff for me!

I have been thinking of what song I could record next. So In Love certainly raised some eyebrows, so I figure since I have some people's attention now, it would be pefect timing to work on something new. I could do another acapella song since I love acapella stuff. I would also like to do just a regular song with vocals and instruments and such, but I get annoyed when people tell me my equipment sounds out of date (which it is truthfully). I don't have a band of my own, so it's hard to do some things I wish to do. I don't have a powerful computer to meet today's demands, so using high-quality sound fonts isn't going to work. I will definitely try and come up with something new though... hopefully very soon!

I got my new checks today which I was happy about. I have yet to write a check, but it's always nice to have that checking account there for me just in case I ever need it. And since I have switched it over to a money market account, I can now earn interest on my money. I calculated it to be $1.01 per month added to my account. That's practically nothing, but yet it's something. It's better than letting it sit there and not grow at all.

I finished reading this book by Bo Peabody, titled "Lucky Or Smart?" and I have got to say that it's interesting reading about how an average entreprenuer went from nowhere to everywhere. Bo Peabody was the guy who founded Tripod for those who don't know. Some day I may own my own business, so it's definitely something I got into. For anyone interested in entreprenuership, I strongly recommend this book. It's very informative and interesting.

Finally, I am interested in putting together a CD of songs I've done recently, as well as in the past. I would likely aim for about 11 or 12 tracks, and possibly more. I would likely sell it for around $8.00, and I would promise to include material not released to the internet (otherwise, what would be the point in buying it?!). Would anyone be interested in this? I'd love to get some feedback if you have any requests for possible songs I could do, or any songs I've done that you would really like to see make the CD. The songs I would put on the CD would be straight form the original masters, so they would be better quality than the MP3 files I have on the net.

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