Sunday, March 12, 2006

Project Build Takes Progress Forward

I'm very excited about Project Build because of how smoothly overall the development process has been. This Sonic the Hedgehog project is really getting somewhere, and I think my partner would gladly agree. She finally tried the new utility I wrote to make her job easier to perform. She had a little difficulty at first, but it worked out for her eventually. I'm anxious to get feedback from her when she uses it some more.

I am also going to add some new features to Project Build. It already offers scripting which although isn't complete, still works partially. Now I want to add some more text drawing functions to it. I figure it's about time I make it look a little more visual.

In addition, I have changed the way it plays music to simplify some things. It sounds great! I was using Huey Lewis music to jam to as I tested it. I would have used a Sonic song, but I didn't have any on hand, so Huey and the News ended up helping me. The percussion and guitars especially stand out.

Project Build is also unique because it will be 100% completely customizeable by anyone with the know-how, and at least 80% customizeable by any person who isn't too technical. This along with the extremely high-level accuracy of the project and a few other little things makes it something that has never been done before in the Sonic community.

Finally, for those who don't know what the heck Project Build is, I'm planning to talk with my partner to see exactly how far in detail I can go at this point. This is definitely the most detail I've given on it, but if my partner is willing to let me, I can give even more details that may either give my readers an even bigger idea what this project is about, or reveal what it actually is! We'll have to see where things are and if the timing is right first.

Tell all your friends about this, because I think it'll be a bigger deal than some people are expecting it to be. You can support the efforts of me and my partner by keeping those ad clicks coming -- one or two clicks per person will be fine. I didn't create this blog to make money truthfully, but I do realize it to be an asset when I'm promoting a project I think will create a big impact.

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